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Load Bank Testing

Generator Service: Load Bank Testing

Load bank testing is critical to ensure that your power supply continues to operate during a mains power outage. The hope is that you will never have to use it, but the time to find out it does not work is not when a mains power fails. Your uninterruptible power supply is only as strong as its weakest battery cell and so load bank testing is vital to enable preventative maintenance of the system in a planned and controlled way.

Experienced technical support and trained personnel are available to oversee load bank testing. We can supply the necessary equipment, including load bank and cables, and arrange for one of our experienced engineers to conduct the test safely.

During this test, we will monitor all critical engine parameters to ensure that once the bank reaches full-rated load, it will continue to run at normal operating temperatures and pressures.

All these readings, including oil pressure, engine temperature and fuel pressure, are recorded in a full report following the test. This report also includes voltage, amperage, KVA amount and all other equipment activity alongside any recommended remedial work and a quotation to rectify this as quickly as possible.