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Gas Line Protection

Gas Line Protection

Newburn provide power to site compound undertaking critical safety work prior to building starting on giant Axiom shopping centre


Before work could be started on the construction of the UK’s biggest shopping centre for 20 years, Newburn were called in to provide power to a site compound to be used by a team charged with the vital task of protecting a live gas line fed from an offshore underwater supply.

The shopping centre, in the middle of Yorkshire, is being developed by the Lateral Property Group in partnership with the Highgrove Group.

The challenge

The team’s job was to protect the gas line from possible damage during Axiom’s construction. This involved the installation and testing of bored piles along each side of the gas line followed by the construction and installation of reinforced concrete pile caps. Finally, thick., heavily reinforced concrete walls were built as specified by the civil engineering consultant responsible for overseeing all aspects of construction.

Because of its proximity to the incoming gas line, Newburn’s generator was subjected to the most stringent safety rules, which made this a particularly demanding assignment for all involved.

Newburn response

After an initial visit to the development, we established that a full site induction programme should be laid on for all contractors working on the project. This was provided.

We also established that flame retardant overalls would be need by anybody working in the zoned area. Our dedicated Health & Safety department ordered these on being given the go-ahead from the client.

Dangers of underground electrical cables

These can be particularly hazardous because they often look like pipelines. Moreover, even if they are identified as electrical cables it is impossible to tell whether they are live just by looking at them.

To ensure no cables were present, we tested the zone for underground services using a CAT4 type scanner. Only when we were fully satisfied the area was completely clear did we proceed with earthing our generator to BS7430 of 20 ohms or less.


We completed a totally safe and secure installation of our 40kVA Gensafe Generator on time and in full accordance with a very strict brief. The client was extremely happy. The project was then handed over to Axiom’s main construction consortium.