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Pumping Station

Permanent solution to pumping station mains supply problems

Newburn’s more pro-active way of working delivers cost and efficiency savings whilst avoiding logistical issues


The pumping station in question did not have a sufficient mains supply to power essential pumps and was relying on hired generators to bridge the gap. The client reviewed options and decided that it would be best for them to purchase their own equipment. Newburn were asked to provide a permanent solution with fully-automatic back-up. The hire generators were to be shut down.


Supply and install two new 100kVA generators connected to an automatic mains failure panel. Each generator was then to be connected to an independent DEFRA compliant bunded fuel tank.


On-site power continuity during the installation of the new generators was critical – pump downtime would result in any rainfall quickly filling the storm tanks to an unacceptable level. In addition to the continuity issue, site access was very restricted.

Newburn solution

Key to a successful outcome was flexibility. Rather than setting a rigid timetable, we devised an installation programme that used weather forecasts to determine when work would be undertaken. We also liaised closely with the pump control supplier to ensure that one pump at a time was introduced to the new system before the hire generators were shut down. Our answer to the matter of restricted access was to deliver the new generators on a flatbed lorry and offload them with a crane – a solution that worked well.


Our approach to both the site access and uncertain weather issues ensured that the new generators were integrated with no risk of the storm tanks overflowing.