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Warehouse Communication Centre

Warehouse Communication Centre

Newburn’s more pro-active way of working delivers cost and efficiency savings whilst avoiding logistical issues


Supply emergency power to a brand-new, state-of-the-art communication centre.


Utilise client’s existing generator, which was on a separate site 15 miles away.


Being asked to move an embedded generator from one site to another was a highly unusual request and one that was beset with logistical problems. In addition, the existing generator was much larger than the new site required.

Newburn solution

Rather than accept the brief at face value, we went back to the client and discussed the project in detail with them, particularly the difficulties of moving the generator and then using it to do a job for which it was not inherently suited.

It was agreed that the most cost-effective, least disruptive option would be for us to supply a new generator that suited the communication centre’s requirements exactly.


We undertook a full analysis of the centre’s power needs, recommended a new generator and positioned it on a concrete pad built to our specification. The end result – an up-to-the-minute bespoke solution that was more cost-effective to operate, a very happy client.