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The reinforced steel vault of the GENSAFETM contains a pedestrian access door with double, high security locking mechanism with twin 5 lever locks to both doors. Ultimately designed for unmanned, automated operation, the GENSAFETM incorporates the following components:

1. Personnel lighting
2. Electrical control and distribution systems
3. Machinery access doors
4. Bulk fuel tank
5. Generator (Mounted within a spillage-free, acoustic enclosure, silenced to EC standards)
6. Personnel access
7. Intake/Exhaust ducting


  • Various size output 20kVA to 110kVA
  • Tracker
  • Low fuel warning
  • Low oil warning
  • Low coolant warning
  • Remote stop/start
  • Auxiliary inputs to monitor pumps or other equipment
  • Fuel management
  • Intruder alert


  • No risk of leakage from the unit during operation
  • No risk of leakage during refuelling or servicing
  • No risk of leakage due to vandalism of tanks or pipework
  • Little risk of noise pollution – very low level of less than 60dba at 1m