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Newburn Power Rental’s commitment to Health & Safety recognised through CQMS Safety Scheme Accreditation

With health and safety at the core of all working practices, Newburn Power Rental are proud to have received accreditation through the CQMS Safety Scheme, which is dedicated to promoting higher H&S standards in industry.

Assessment under the scheme is undertaken in accordance with the Safety Schemes in Procurement Forum (SSIP) core criteria, an industry-recognised standard demonstrating compliance with UK health and safety standards, recognised by the Health and Safety Executive (HSE) and supported by rigorous quality assurance processes. CQMS holds mutual recognition with other members of the Forum and Newburn’s latest accreditation is based upon the company’s existing accreditation with CHAS, one of the founders of third party accreditation in health and safety compliance.

Carole Bright of Newburn Power comments on the CQMS Accreditation,
“The health and safety of our clients, our staff, contractors and the public are of paramount importance to us. The accreditations we hold, including CQMS, give our clients the confidence they need in the procurement process – demonstrating Newburn’s commitment to the highest standards and reassuring them that we value their reputation as we do our own.”