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Hospital Back-Up Power

Newburn provide hospital with essential 24/7/365 cover


Contingency planning for emergency generator hire and installation of electrical switchgear.


A solution was required to the problem of supplying emergency back-up power to a non-critical part of the hospital within a pre-determined time scale in the event of a mains supply failure.


On-site space for a permanent generator was limited and there was no easy way of connecting to the hospital’s existing switchgear in the event of an emergency call-out. In addition, a permanent generator would have been expensive.

Newburn solution

After a detailed on-site access survey, we proposed integrating into the existing switchgear a fully weather-proof, lockable 200amp manual switch complete with power-lock connectivity. This would allow us to quickly deploy and connect an emergency generator in the event of a utility mains failure.


Our proposals met all project timescales and budgets and were accepted.

Our solution, combining the on-site installation of equipment with a detailed contingency plan, provides the hospital with a safe, secure and fast way of connecting to a temporary generator 24/7/365. The project has subsequently been replicated with great success on various other sites.