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Newburn create a complete power package operating from a central compound to cover all aspects of the project’s construction


The compound was used initially to cater for all main contractor and sub-contractor welfare needs. Subsequently we returned to the site to install all temporary electrics.

Scope of electrical work

Our electricians (fully trained to NICEIC Standards, 17th Edition) connected the new build to a mains distribution unit from which they hard-wired 10kVA site transformers at strategic locations. The transformers were placed on all floors, allowing workers to access a 110v power supply. We also installed a power line suspended from the ceiling with 110v sockets for power tools and intermittently-spread light fittings to illuminate corridors as the build progressed. Because it was suspended, the power line eliminated trailing leads and reduced the risk of on-site trips and falls.

As requested by the client, we also installed emergency lighting in critical areas such as stairwells to illuminate escape routes in the unlikely event of a fire. At strategic locations we also installed wireless evacuation points on fire stands with extinguishers, which we commissioned on installation and maintained throughout the project.

After initial basic site set-up, we liaised with the client to understand precise requirements. All individual requests were discussed and we gave professional advise on how to best provide what was required. We also advised on alternative approaches where we thought a more suitable way of meeting an objective was possible.


We delivered exactly what the client wanted: a complete power package from a single source. The project was a complete success.